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REACHING for something...

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REACHING ~ The Official Unique Alliance Fanlisting
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To spread the word on the sci-fi story, "The Unique Alliance".
Wow... it's been a long time, hasn't it folks? Well, I've gotten pretty busy with life. And now that life is at some sort of a standstill, well... I'm now trying to focus on... well, writing as much as I can. This includes this particular piece - my brainchild. I am now, however, changing my concept entirely. It's based in its own original world, with its own characters.

Though not complete, "The Unique Alliance" is a science fiction story-in-progress. It will probably be epic (as in, the classification, not the material - but I'm hoping the material will be just as good).

This fanlisting will provide updates to the story. Also, questions will be provided by the author, yours truly, when I am going through a difficult time in my writing.

No rules or anything for now. But those of you who are still interested in this piece of fiction, watch this space and I'm sure I can get my mojo back and flowing.

Thanks a lot guys!

(And I forgot how to login to my fanfiction.net account to delete everything on it. Well... at least I can use it as a template.)

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